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17 june

please tw / cw abuse of any kind, trypophobia (holes), needles, gore, jumpscares, racism, police brutality and self-harm

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i am a MINOR, i curse a lot, i am a person of colour (black), i reclaim the n-word, i have ADD, i post/tweet in german too, i'm a taekooker (a normal one 😦)
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basic dfi criteria, ableist, ___phobic, trumpie, anti-BLM, disrespect other's pronouns, validate bi-/pan lesbians
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hi guys !! i just wanted to say that you guys are like my fav people ever ??? everytime i wake up and see you guys tagging me bc i slept long or when we just rant about our lives i'm just really happy. i love you guys so much you dont even know <3 you are so important to me and i hope our friendship lasts as long as we do ♡
♡white ferrari - frank ocean♡


hi bebi !!
i js wanted to say that m so proud of you and i love soso much !! u've grown to be so important to me and have become one of my closest friends. the only thing that separates us is our 3 hour distance which we are planning to break so we can drink boba together :> sorry that this is kinda rushed i'm writing this near midnight but you'll forever be my moonflower and i'll love u for eternity ♡
♡mrs magic - strawberry guy♡


hi angel :< i've already told u how much ily bcs i like telling u that ! u n sunny are probably my fav people and you mean so much to me !! u show ur love in ur own way and i LOVE talking to you everyday bcs u make my day you're so fun n ily :[
♡nights - frank ocean♡

MiMI !!

hi mimi giggles ^^ hmm we haven't known each other for that long at all but you've made a huge difference in my life and you're so cool n i love talking to you bcs !!! you make my tummy go wooo 🦋🦋🦋 with your petnames n how you're so loving 🙁 i love you sososo much you're the best.
♡i <3 u - boy pablo♡


    전정국 ♡
    my happiness source, my inspiration, my muse. everytime you're happy is when im happiest, everytime you're upset i feel the same. you'll forever have my heart and be my safe place. you've become my hyperfixation and you calm me instantly. i love you so much koo you don't even know.

    ♡ moment - lildeath ♡ mrs magic - strawberry guy ♡